Phacolytic Glaucoma

Wahju Ratna Martiningsih, Andra Novitasari, Arfa Raynalda, Zulfa Jihan Adani, Hadistya Hakimia Sekh, Linia Nitrika


Lens-induced glaucoma can result from both immature and hypermature senile cataracts. Phacolytic
glaucoma is caused by leakage of high-molecular-weight proteins through the capsule of a hypermature
cataract. The patient is a 74 year old male, with  red left eye since 2 days ago. Complaints appear
suddenly and persist throughout the day so that it interferes with the patient's activities. Complaints
accompanied by a feeling of tingling, watery eyes  and headaches. Nothing mitigates the complaint.
History of blurred vision such as seeing fog was recognized in both eyes since 1 year ago. On physical
examination, visual acuity in the right eye was 20/60 and the left eye was 1/~ poor LP. Examination of
the anterior segment with slit lamp, left eye obtained mixed injection, minimal corneal edema, deep
COA, dilated pupil, pupillary reflex (-), evenly cloudy lens, iris shadow (-). Digital assessment of
intraocular pressure Schioetz 26.6 mmHg. Management of the patients can be given xytrol ED 3x1 drops
OS, timolol maleate 0.5% ED 3x1 drops OS, Acetazolamide 1x250mg, aspar K 1x1. Cataract extraction
is planned.
Keyword : Cataract, Phacolytic Glaucoma

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