Relationship Post Curetage with the Previa Plasenta Event in Present Pregnancy

Galih Prakasa Adhyatma, Diny Astri Sukma Yuni, Diana Handaria, Romadhoni Romadhoni


Background : The incidence of placenta previa in the world is estimated at 1 per 250
pregnancies. Risk factors for placenta previa include age, parity, history of curettage, and
previous history of placenta previa. Method : This study used an observational analytic
method with aapproach case control that tested for statistical analysis using the Chi-Square
Test. Subjects Case study were pregnant women with placenta previa and controls were
pregnant women older than 28 weeks who did not have placenta previa. The data obtained
from the RM is in the period December 2018 ─ December 2019 at the Tugurejo District
Hospital Semarang. The sample in this study amounted to 100 respondents who were
divided into two groups, namely the case group of 50 respondents and 50 respondents in the
control group. Results : This study showed that a history of curettage (p = 0.002) had
aassociation significant with the incidence of placenta previa during pregnancy. From the
analysis also obtained the value of OR = 3.551 means that pregnant women who have a
history of post curettage have a 3.551 times chance of placenta previa. Conclusion : There
is a significant relationship between post curettage and the incidence of placenta previa
during pregnancy.

Keywords : Placenta previa, History of curettage, Parity, Age.

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