Relationship of Knowledge, Types and Long Use of Hormonal Contraception of Amenore in Fertile Aged Women

Lina Indah Putri Sari, Diana Handaria, Romadhoni Romadhoni


Background: Amenorrhea is a menstrual condition for 3 consecutive months. As much30% of menstrual amenorrhea disorders experienced by women who use hormonalcontraception, hormonal contraception that is most widely used by active hormonalcontraception participants is injection (54.59%) for> 1 year. The occurrence of amenorrheaincludes knowledge, types and duration of hormonal contraception. Objective: To analyzethe relationship between knowledge, type and duration of hormonal contraceptive use to amenorrhea in fertile aged women. Method: This study used an analytic observationalmethod with a cross sectional approach that tested for statistical analysis using the chisquare test with significance (p≤0.05). The research sample was a women in fertile agedwhich used hormonal contraception in Nanta semarang midwives, Mangunharjo Village,Tembalang District, Semarang City, Central Java. Data obtained from medical recordsResults: The research sample was 44 respondents in fertile aged women 15-49 years, in thistudy the majority of respondents were> 30 years old. Respondents have low knowledge asmuch as 31 (70.5%), the majority type of hormonal contraception is injecting 3 months asmany as 36 (81.8%) and the duration of use contraception> 1 year is 33 (75%). This study shows that there is a significant relationship between knowledge of the incidence ofamenorrhea that is p = 0.013, there is a significant relationship between the use of hormonalcontraception types to amenorrhea that is p = 0.023 (p ≤ 0.05), and there is a significanrelationship between the duration of contraception use hormonal to Amenorrhea is p =0,000 (p ≤ 0.05). Conclusion: There is a significant relationship between knowledge, typand duration of hormonal contraception of amenorrhea in fertile aged women.

Keywords: knowledge, type and duration of hormonal contraception, amenorrhea.

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