Andri Sukeksi, Afrida Yulsi Prafiyahesa


Anemia can happen when somebody Already experience decline Work kidney to 20 to 50 percent from
function normal kidney Anemia in patients fail kidney happen because production erythropoietin in the
affected kidney decline or shorten it age cell blood red, and lack deficient nutrition in patients. Know
description amount patient's erythrocytes fail anemic kidney. Establish amount erythrocytes done use tool
test amount erythrocytes in working blood automatically with results prediction more precision, accuracy,
and calibrated. Results research that has performed at Roemani Hospital use sample sufferer fail kidney as
many as 20 samples patient obtained results amount erythrocytes low below 4.0-5.6 million /ul in males
man whereas Woman obtained results below 3.9-5.1 million / ul. Based on patient level fail anaemia kidneys
were found amount erythrocytes experience reduction in mild anemia, some factor risk can cause
abnormality where decline function work kidney in a manner fast or progressive so that raises complaint
from light until heavy condition the named with fail kidney chronic (CKD). Result sum erythrocytes in
patients with anemia kidney the lowest is 2.0 million /ul and the highest is 3.8 million /ul with an average
of 2.7 million /ul. Based on type sex in patients with anemia kidney more Lots man with amount average
erythrocyte is 2.7 million / ul. Amount erythrocytes based on level in mild anemia 2.2 million / ul and in
moderate anemia 2.9 million / ul, more and more light anemia so the more low amount produced
Keywords: How to check, the number of erythrocytes

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