Meningkatkan Kemampuan Speaking Siswa dengan Menggunakan Metode Audiolingual Method pada Siswa SMA Negeri 15 Semarang

Eva Dina Mareta, Siti Aimah, Muhimatul Ifadah


Keywords: Audiolingual method, speaking ability, action research, bargaining expression

The importance of having English speaking skills as a communication tool is also
seen in the classroom's learning process. Based on the curriculum of 2013, students of
grade XI need to be provided with some speaking materials in the second semester, such as bargaining expression. Implementing the audiolingual method in teaching speaking to students at SMAN 15 Semarang finds out the audiolingual method's effectiveness to improve students' speaking ability.
The instruments of the research were an observation sheet, questionnaire, and a
speaking test. Paired Sample T-Test was used to obtain the quantitative data for comparing the score result of pretest and posttest. The result of this research was the audiolingual method influenced the students' speaking improvement. It was proved by the students' speaking ability in the first cycle to three cycles improved highly. The mean score of the pretest was 55.7. It had increased to 64.7 in the process I grew to 66.8 in cycle II and increased to 81.2 in cycle III.
The questionnaire's result was 84.8% that students agree the audiolingual method can improve their speaking ability. It could be said that their perceptions of the audiolingual approach were high. In conclusion, there was some effectiveness of the audiolingual method. First, using this method could attract students' attention and motivation in the teaching and learning process. Second, students could better understand using English in real situations since they got appropriate speaking English models. Third, they also had adequate opportunities to practice speaking to train their speaking fluently and confidently.


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