Efficacy of Amlodipine-Noni Extract (Morinda citrifolia L.) Combination on Blood Pressure of Hypertension Patients

Karisma Bunga Kasih, Mega Pandu Arfiyanti, Maya Dian Rakhmawatie


The prevalence of hypertension in Indonesia continues to increase and causes high mortality due to complications. Hypertension complications can be prevented by pharmacological therapy. A preliminary study at Brati Health Center found that many hypertensive patients use noni (Morinda
citrifolia L.) extract as an adjunction therapy to amlodipine. This study determined the efficacy of amlodipine-noni extract combination on the blood pressure of hypertensive patients. An analytic observational design with a cross sectional approach were used in this study. Non-complicated
hypertensive patients at the Brati Health Center were divided into groups K1 (amlodipine with risk factors), K2 (amlodipine without risk factors), K3 (amlodipine-noni extract with risk factors), and K4 (amlodipine-noni extract without risk factors). Efficacy was measured using the average
increase/decrease in blood pressure for 6 month. Result of Kruskal-Wallis test stated a significant difference in systolic blood pressure between groups (p 0.001), followed by Mann-Whitney test that K3 group had the lowest increase in systolic blood pressure (p<0.05). For the average of diastolic blood pressure, there is no significant difference between groups (p 0.499). The combination of amlodipinenoni extract prevented an
increase of systolic blood pressure in hypertensive patients with risk factor
at the Puskesmas Brati, but could not for diastolic blood pressure.
Keywords: Amlodipine; diastolic pressure; hypertension; Morinda citrifolia; systolic pressure

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