Correlation of Physical Activity To Overweight Incident in Elementary School

Diana Agustin, Tri Kartika Setyarini, Romadhoni Romadhoni


Background: Overweight in elementary school children in Indonesia classified as high with the prevalence of 18.8%. Overweight and obesity is an abnormal condition of fat accumulation which caused health problem. One of factor caused overweight and obesity is lack of physical activity. Objective: To analyze correlation between physical activity and the incidence of overweight in elementary school children. Method: this study was an observasional analytic using cross sectional design, 75 samples were selected using Total Sampling. Data were collected by measuring weight, height, and measurement of physical activity using a 2x24 hour pedometer. Results: the results showed that there was relationship between physical activity with overweight in elementary school student (p<0.05). Conclusion: Physical activity is associated with overweight in children.

Keywords: Overweight, Physical Activity, Elementary School

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